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We deliver naturally grown(ZBNF/SPNF) products directly from farmers to your door step.

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They Grow

Our farmers are inspired and educated by the natural farming methods(ZBNF/SPNF) of Padma Shri Subash Palekar.

All our farmers are practicing Chemical free natural farming.

You Order

Choose natural food products over chemical and organic food. Take one step towards the healthy life.

You can order from us through Whatsapp @ 95386 007 96.

We Deliver

KrushiCulture has made natural products accessible to everyone.

We help our customers starting from ordering of natural(ZBNF/SPNF) food products directly from farmers to getting them delivered to their door step hassle-free.

About KrushiCulture

KrushiCulture is a platform for farmers to sell and consumers to buy chemical free natural(ZBNF/SPNF) food products. KrushiCulture is also working towards creating awareness about natural farming and healthy living.

How KrushiCulture works?

How do we deliver products?


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“I highly appreciate the wonderful service provided by krushiculture in helping farmers by making the quality farm products directly availabile to the bangalore city people.”


“ When I purchased pomegranate from this organization I felt very happy. Very tasty and quality is good. I suggest to buy from this organization. Thanks!”

Santosh R S

“ Quality of product is good and you people doing great job for farmers and your work will save their life.Thank you. ”

Sachin Hubbali

“ The selfless, untiring and persistent efforts to uplift the framers lives is commendable.”

Dr. Amita Rani

“Krushi culture : adding value to farmer's sweat... Adding ages to consumers health.”

Santosh D G

“ Products​ are fresh, less price and very good quality. Helping farmers directly is really appreciable. Keep up the good work.”

Giri Babu

“I have been constantly getting fruits and veggies from Kiran and I can assure you the quality is top class. They always take into account the customers feedback and suggestions and very prompt in delivery as well. I would highly recommend buying from them.”


“ First I would like to congratulate KrushiCulture for the work you guys are doing for the farmers. And thank you so much for providing us good quality products in a reasonable price. I feel privileged to be able to contribute for this noble cause. Thank you, looking forward for another set of products, directly form farmers field.:)”


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